Our services are used by the likes of MTV, Plymouth University and Babcock International and trusted to deliver.

4k video

We provide 4K UHD content to all of our clients keeping your content relevant for years to come.

Aerial Footage

Qualified and Insured Drone Pilot, with multiple years experience providing high quality imagery that is both safe and legal.


Every content package is bespoke for every client, making your content truly your own.


Surveying buildings, be them modern or history, in construction or brand new, it has never been easier with the likes of drones. Long gone are the days of expensive and timely procedures just to look at unreachable areas of your property. With high quality imagery we can check for lost roof tiles, holes, breaks and other issues surrounding your property.


Jay has been our go-to for our events for years with photography and videography work in lots of different environments and every time he has delivered. I can’t recommend him enough.


Jay has worked on a few projects for us at the National Marine Aquarium and the level of quality he brings is second to none. If you’re looking for a person to capture your event or create a high end promotional video for you, Jay is your man.


Price on enquiry: jaystonephotouk@gmail.com